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About TAPI

The TAPI Collection is brought together by Praful and Shilpa Shah. Primarily begun as a resource centre for design, it is one of the foremost collections of Indian Historic Textiles in India today.

The TAPI Collection celebrates the richness of the Indian textile tradition, especially for markets outside our own. Encompassing a wide range of techniques, materials and motifs, the collection houses 14th century cloth - woven and dyed or printed in Gujarat for South East Asia, to the painted cottons and embroideries favoured by the western market, and pictorial pichhwais specially designed for religious use. The collection is particularly rich in rare Kashmir shawls, 18th and 19th century articles for urban use - floor spreads, sashes and hangings, and Mochi embroideries. There are also a wide range of beautifully woven cotton jamdanis, silk balucharis, brocades and the eternally precious patolas.

The collectors of TAPI humbly salute India's ancient textile industry, which has brought great repute to the country, the millennia-old ingenuity of India's textile processes, and the mastery our artisans achieved. Even today, the creativity and adaptability of our textile artists make India a treasure house of hand worked textiles.

'TAPI', an acronym for Textiles and Art of the People of India, is a tribute to the river Tapi, the life force of the textile town of Surat, in Gujarat.